Cyber Security Salary Guide: What Does Today’s Cyber Security Workforce Make?

When it comes to the cybersecurity market, much is made of the growing skills gap. Overlooked is how this can translate to enormous potential for professionals. For the second week of National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) we break down the myriad of well-paying and rewarding jobs available, and salary data for today’s cyber workforce.Continue reading “Cyber Security Salary Guide: What Does Today’s Cyber Security Workforce Make?”

Need of Information Security

Information Security means keeping the information or data secure from external threats or unauthorized access. Information security is the part of cybersecurity. The data can be highly sensitive and confidential. It is implemented to secure sensitive information from any unauthorized modification, destruction or misuse.  Information security is needed to reduce the risk level of theContinue reading “Need of Information Security”

Why Cyber Security is More Important Now than Ever

Cyber security is essential because cyber threats are existential. Juniper Research estimates 2019 cyber crime costs will exceed $2 trillion, a four-fold increase from just four years prior (The Future of Cybercrime & Security: Financial and Corporate Threats & Mitigation, a Juniper Research report). That collective financial cost is expected to more than double toContinue reading “Why Cyber Security is More Important Now than Ever”

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